Learn go series: Part IV - Project Structuring

This is Part 4 of "Learn go" series. You can find the previous post here.

As a beginner to Golang, it was relatively painful to figure out an ideal project structure where code isn't dumped into one single file or package even. This post sums up my learnings to keep things simple by splitting project across multiple files and packages.

This post does not pick up from the previous posts Part I, Part II and, Part III.

All of the code from this series can be found in this repository.

#Directory listing


Alternatively, you can view it on asciinema.


I have defined 4 packages in total, including main in this project. Let me list out all the 4 packages and the corresponding files.



Contains the main function which calls the initialization code for db and starts the server. It also is responsible for reading environment variables and passing them to the appropriate functions.



api.go contains the glue code for routers, handlers and middleware. It gets port number from main. The other files contain code handlers for the particular domain model as evident from the name of file.



Contains logic for db connection and migration. It exposes InitializeDB and Instance functions. Instance is used to access the db instance as created by the call to InitializeDB in main function.



These files contain the domain model's type definitions. Apart from this the user.go file contains additional functions which are relevant only to the User type.


All of the packages can be imported except main as follows:

import {
  api "github.com/algogrit/yaes-server/src/api"
  db "github.com/algogrit/yaes-server/src/config/db"
  model "github.com/algogrit/yaes-server/src/models"

As an example you can use the Instance function like:


Note: You need to capitalize the first letter of the functions you want to export.

This is as simple as it gets for API projects. If you have a much complex app, you can adapt this project structure accordingly.

#Caveats & Honorable mentions

Signing off for now. As always, please leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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